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As part of observing World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse on November 19, National Women’s Front will organize different programs with the slogan “Their Dignity, Our Duty” at various parts of the country for creating awareness of the problems severe children face in our society.

A statement issued by the NWF national committee said that the state of affairs of children in our country is so pathetic that if we fail to address them now our future as a nation is grim. Even though there exist in our country various laws for ensuring the protection of the rights of the children, they are not effectively implemented. Millions of our children are victims of malnutrition, immune deficiency, illiteracy, child marriage and poverty. A large number of them have to do hard labour to keep themselves and their families from
starvation. The number of cases of children being subjected to sexual and physical abuses at the hands of their own family members, at schools, or by their employers is alarming. The number of such incidents that go unreported is also not any less.

Calling attention to the above mentioned issues NWF will reach out to people through various programs such as pamphlet distribution, seminars, public speeches & social media poster campaign.

Human rights violations are still rampant in India even after being independent for more than seven decades. The constitution of India guarantees social, religious and cultural freedom. It also recognises the education, privacy as our fundamental right. We also have right against exploitation and the freedom of expression. It also assures that each and every citizen is equal in front of the law. These constitutional guarantees are being broken; we should work towards upholding them.

The current situation of the country is such that the violation of human rights seems to be sponsored by the government and the system. The government & the governing system have been nurturing & encouraging the human right violations. The moment the political wing of the RSS, BJP came into the power, the vigour by which the Sangh Parivar violates the basic human rights have been increased dramatically. The Sangh Parivar refers to Hindu nationalist organizations started by the members of RSS which includes ABVP, VHP, Bajrang Dal etc. The people from the backward communities which form the majority of this nation as well as the people from the minority religions are living in the constant state of fear. The freedom of the poor minorities are being snatched away with the acts like AFSPA & UAPA. Many innocent Muslim youths are languishing behind the bars due to these unconstitutional laws. It is estimated that around 6 people die every day in judicial custody. People accused of terrorism are released proven to be innocent but not before serving about 20 to 25 years in jail. The precious years of their lives are wasted in the dark cellars. The atrocities on women by the military personnel stationed in Jammu Kashmir & North eastern states have become very common. In the name of subduing terrorism, many innocent citizens are shot dead, while many more are living in dark due to pellet guns. In the year 2015, a total of 3,27,394 atrocities on women were reported. Out of which 34,651 were the cases of rape. Apparently in this country, in every five minutes, a Dalit woman gets raped. Led by Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, the incidence of rape registered a sharp increase in India in 2016. According to NCRB report Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in this country, is the most dangerous state to live in with highest number of murders and atrocities on women. UP stands first with 4,889 murders, while Bihar with 2,581 murders stands in second place. Uttar Pradesh also has the dishonor of leading in the number of crimes against women, a total of 49,262 cases were recorded which is 14.5% of the total cases of crimes against women. West Bengal follows it with 9.6%(32,513) of the total cases. Humiliating one based on ones caste is a tactic employed to prevent the backward classes from improving socially & educationally. Rohit Vemula’s suicide is a tragic example for this. Those who speak against the government are christened as anti nationals. Social activists and rationalists like Gauri Lankesh, Govind Pansare, Dr M.M. Kalburgi amd Narendra Dabolkar were shot killed by the hindutwa forces.

The constitution of this country guarantees anyone aged above 18 to choose the religion of their choice and to marry someone of their choice. But Hadiya was deprived from her fundamental rights. She was apprehended illegally for 11 months. The high court itself annulled her lawful marriage. Like Hadiya, many men and women who have converted to other religion on their own are being forced physically and mentally harassed in the name of Ghar Vapsi.

Communal violence is increasing in the name of religion. Based on incidents occurring in the last three years, it is abundantly clear that rate of such violence have increased. These have left many families orphan and have resulted in the increase in poverty and unemployment. In the name of Mining, industrialization & development, the tribes living near forests are forced to evacuate from their houses. To justify attack on them they are tagged as naxal. They are killed in fake encounters. Apart from Ishrath Jahan at Gujarath, many were killed in fake encounters in Bhopal, Hashimpur, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Chathisgarh. Women are either directly or indirectly the victims of all the above mentioned human rights violations. The number of widows and orphans are increasing in this nation. The women need to know about their rights, laws and freedom. Voices must be raised on behalf of these women. They should be assisted and empowered. Meanwhile the forcesworking against women should be identified.

International Human Rights Day is observed on 10 December throughout the world. On its behalf, National Women’s Front will organize multiple programs with the intention of raising awareness about the Human rights. National Women’s Front activists will conduct seminars, awareness programs and distribute handbills throughout the nation to spread the word across.

National Women’s Front president A.S. Zainaba has stated that the Supreme Court judgement on Triple-Talaq will have little impact on the lives of Muslim women since it is an issue concerning very little number of women in the community. While we welcome the ban on a regressive practice that has been renounced by majority, the community already had its own internal measure to tackle it.

The issue that concerns the community with regards to the judgment is that it might set a precedent for the state to interfere with personal law and allow politically motivated groups in power to infringe the fundamental right to practice one religion in the name of reformation of personal law. The media hype over the judgment and Prime Minister’s statement that the judgment brings equality to Muslim women is devoid any substance.

There are far more grave issues that concerns Muslim women and Indian women in general than Triple-Talaq. If Prime Minister’s concerns about Muslim women are sincere and not just a political game, he should prove it by taking initiatives ensure their safety from his own party men who wants to dig out and rape dead bodies of Muslim women, and take urgent steps to uplift them from the pathetic educational and economic conditions as proposed by various commissions

National Women’s Front general secretary Lubna Menhaz Shaik demands the Uttar Pradesh government to nab the culprits and take strict action against them and also urges the government to make the law even more stringent when it comes to such heinous crimes.

In the most unfortunate of incidents that took place on May 2017 on the Jewar bulandshahr road off the Yamuna expressway, where eight persons of a family were travelling to Bulanshahr to meet a relative at a hospital where they were intervened by few goons and were robbed by their jewellery and money worth 50,000 and the women were gang raped at gun point and one of the family member was also shot because he objected the sexual assault .

In spite of statement given in by the victims of the gang rape and other family members there has not been any action taken by the police to nab the culprits, what has been given is just dates to keep postponing the proceedings.

In spite of having regular interventions made by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and a personal meeting with the victims and as an assurance been given to resolve the issue, there has not been any changes in the matter .

This shows how lawless the state has become where such heinous crimes are not given much of preference and seriousness though 56 days has passed.

There has not been any action and a deadline till 30 of July has been given to the family members by the police to nab the culprits. This is what our country has come to when crime against women is on the rise and no action has been taken and the culprits are scot free in the society.

Instead of implementing anti Romeo squard etc which absolutely does not serve the purpose; it’s high time the government does some serious women oriented law implementation.Its high time for us to ponder where is our country leading to.

A time has come where the victims are saying if they do not get justice they along with their family members will commit suicide in the police station .

This is indeed a wakeup call to the government and the administration to do they duties on time.

Hence National Women’s Front urges that the laws to be made more stringent just not for the sake of it but to put it in force for such heinous crimes.

National Women’s Front president A.S.Zainaba in a statement called for urgent measures to protect women from acid attacks in specific for the women who was attacked by two unidentified assailants in her hostel in Lucknow, Aligang Area.

Zainaba condemned the acid attack on a woman who is a survivor of gang rape and acid attacks. It is shocking that reportedly this is the fifth time she is being attacked. It is an utter shame for a democratic and civilized society like ours to come across such incidents.

Moreover it is also very unfortunate that these attacks are still not viewed a problem by the patriarchal society. We have a section of our society that perceives women who stand up for themselves a threat and take revenge on them for doing so.
There is a situation in our country that these criminals can always get away with their crimes if the victims are women, more so when women are from marginalized sections.
The repeated occurrence of such crimes shows the cold response from the authorities is an encouragement to these criminals.

We demand speedy justice for the victim of this attack. Send the culprits behind bars on non-bailable charges and create a safe atmosphere for women in the country

New Delhi: National Women’s Front president Zainaba AS in a statement welcomed the Bombay High Court verdict that upheld the life sentence of 11 convicts in the 2002 gangrape case of a pregnant woman Bilkis Bano and the murder of eight members of her family during Gujarat genocide.

After 2002 Gujarat riots, various human rights groups and individuals who visited the areas had pointed out the fact that large number of the victims were women and children. They were raped, murdered and even burned alive. Balkis Banu case was a testimony to all of that. Hindutwa fanatics in power were doing everything to save the criminals and block justice to the victims ever since.

It should also be pointed out that delay in the deliverance of justice remain a major factor that give impunity to the criminals. If they are brought to book in time such occurrences can be prevented to a large extend.

Though delayed, the verdict is still a ray of hope for the victims of fascist violence who are still awaiting justice. It will restore their faith in judiciary as their last resort. The verdict is also a strong warning against the violence on women.

Bangalore December 9: A statement released by the general secretary of National Women’s Front, Lubna Menhaz on the eve of WORLD HUMAN RIGHTS DAY asked Indian people to be vigilant against human rights violations of all forms. The day, December 10, is celebrated as world human rights day to commemorate the historic UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The declaration upholds that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights in a spirit of universal brotherhood. Everyone, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status are entitled for human rights, right to life, liberty security, equality before law etc.

Unfortunately we see violations of all kinds in our country. People are discriminated on the basis of religion, caste and even for political opinion. Laws like AFPSA, UAPA and MCOCA legitimize human rights violations and gives impunity to law enforcement agencies to violate human rights. Thousands of people mostly belonging to Muslim, Dalit and Adivasi sections are left to rot in jails as under-trials only because of the existence of these draconian laws. One of the extremely alarming situations in our country is the rise of extra judicial killings. This situation is made possible due to lack of awareness of human rights among common people.

National Women’s Front reminded that it is absurd to expect that authorities will present our rights on a golden platter. Without external vigilance and awareness on the part of the civil society, all these rights we achieved through centuries of struggles and sacrifices will be taken back as is happening in our country. NWF therefore appeals to people of all sections to be sensitive to the rights of man without any kind of sectarian considerations and put up collective resistance to all kinds of violations.

New Delhi: On November 19, the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse, National Women’s Front has decided to conduct programs to promote awareness with regard to the problems that children face, under the slogan “Guard our Children, save our nation”.

Citing various study reports, the statement released by NWF stressed the need of greater attention to the problems of children in our country. Despite the existence, various laws that forbid child labor and protect the rights of children, children are not considered as individuals with their right by vast majority of people. They are forced to work for their survival, denied of education and other fundamental rights, and are subjected to physical sexual and metal abuses. A study conducted by the ministry of women and children development (MWCD) found that 69% of children have been physically abused. India has second highest number of child labors and highest number of child brides in the world.

Women’s Front will bring attention of the public and families to the grave issues of children through various programs. Nation wide Poster campaigns and notice distribution will be conducted.

Calicut: In a statement released by the National Women’s Front said that the kind of arbitrary and unilateral divorce that is seen today among some sections of Muslims does not have any basis in the Quran or other Islamic scriptures, and that if there is anything that violates human rights in the Muslim Personal Law, it is the duty of the Muslim community to correct it. However, it is strange that
triple talaq has become a part of all the discussions regarding Uniform Civil Code now raging in the country. While the connection between the two is irrelevant, the discussions under the guise of triple talaq are intended to undermine the Muslim Personal Law. While according to a Supreme Court verdict in 2013, a divorce becomes invalid if it can be proved in court to be against Sharia, the intention of those who demand the ban on triple talaq is suspicious. Scholars have to come forward to present before the world the comprehensiveness and universality of Muslim personal laws through dialogues and discussions.
Uniform Civil Code is not an exclusive Muslim issue. In a country where there are people with diverse cultures and religions and where the Constitution guarantees all people their fundamental right to live according to their belief systems, a unified civil code satisfying to all people is both impractical and impossible. At the same time, it appears that the Law Commission is trying to present the triple talaq as the single most important problem faced by the Muslim Community in the country. NWF supports the Muslim Personal Law Board decision to boycott the public opinion survey sponsored by the Law Commission and express its solidarity with the Board in the issue. We also request all sections of people and organization not to be swayed by this vote bank politics being played by BJP.

India celebrates its 70th Independence day as it attained Independence from the British rule on August 15,1947 the struggle for Independence was a long and arduous battle during which only two weapons were used truth and non-violence but what we see in today’s scenario people are way away from these two words the very meaning of the word Independence seems to have lost nowdays,we see a lot of hatred, unjust behaviour,a lot of violence,intolerence,etc prevailing in our country which seems to be impossible to tolerate.India ,our country is free from British rule but some of us are misusing it’s Independence in all the possible ways ,Now India is in the hands of powerful Indian citizens like us who wish to celebrate each day as being independent as it comes.
Hence National Women’s Front continuous to make its voices and actions strong and strive to see an independent India where every individual is given their respective right ,we do believe in retaining the democracy of our country which is by the people,of the people ,for the people and we will try to succeed to stand by it and to attain total empowerment so, come let’s join hands in standing strong and making everyone believe in the true meaning of Independence.
Freedom in the mind,faith in the words.Pride in our souls let’s salute the nation,have a free and a united Independence day

National Women’s Front