As part of observing World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse on November 19, National Women’s Front will organize different programs with the slogan “Their Dignity, Our Duty” at various parts of the country for creating awareness of the problems severe children face in our society.

A statement issued by the NWF national committee said that the state of affairs of children in our country is so pathetic that if we fail to address them now our future as a nation is grim. Even though there exist in our country various laws for ensuring the protection of the rights of the children, they are not effectively implemented. Millions of our children are victims of malnutrition, immune deficiency, illiteracy, child marriage and poverty. A large number of them have to do hard labour to keep themselves and their families from
starvation. The number of cases of children being subjected to sexual and physical abuses at the hands of their own family members, at schools, or by their employers is alarming. The number of such incidents that go unreported is also not any less.

Calling attention to the above mentioned issues NWF will reach out to people through various programs such as pamphlet distribution, seminars, public speeches & social media poster campaign.

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