National Women’s Front president A.S. Zainaba has stated that the Supreme Court judgement on Triple-Talaq will have little impact on the lives of Muslim women since it is an issue concerning very little number of women in the community. While we welcome the ban on a regressive practice that has been renounced by majority, the community already had its own internal measure to tackle it.

The issue that concerns the community with regards to the judgment is that it might set a precedent for the state to interfere with personal law and allow politically motivated groups in power to infringe the fundamental right to practice one religion in the name of reformation of personal law. The media hype over the judgment and Prime Minister’s statement that the judgment brings equality to Muslim women is devoid any substance.

There are far more grave issues that concerns Muslim women and Indian women in general than Triple-Talaq. If Prime Minister’s concerns about Muslim women are sincere and not just a political game, he should prove it by taking initiatives ensure their safety from his own party men who wants to dig out and rape dead bodies of Muslim women, and take urgent steps to uplift them from the pathetic educational and economic conditions as proposed by various commissions

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