National Women’s Front general secretary Lubna Menhaz Shaik demands the Uttar Pradesh government to nab the culprits and take strict action against them and also urges the government to make the law even more stringent when it comes to such heinous crimes.

In the most unfortunate of incidents that took place on May 2017 on the Jewar bulandshahr road off the Yamuna expressway, where eight persons of a family were travelling to Bulanshahr to meet a relative at a hospital where they were intervened by few goons and were robbed by their jewellery and money worth 50,000 and the women were gang raped at gun point and one of the family member was also shot because he objected the sexual assault .

In spite of statement given in by the victims of the gang rape and other family members there has not been any action taken by the police to nab the culprits, what has been given is just dates to keep postponing the proceedings.

In spite of having regular interventions made by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and a personal meeting with the victims and as an assurance been given to resolve the issue, there has not been any changes in the matter .

This shows how lawless the state has become where such heinous crimes are not given much of preference and seriousness though 56 days has passed.

There has not been any action and a deadline till 30 of July has been given to the family members by the police to nab the culprits. This is what our country has come to when crime against women is on the rise and no action has been taken and the culprits are scot free in the society.

Instead of implementing anti Romeo squard etc which absolutely does not serve the purpose; it’s high time the government does some serious women oriented law implementation.Its high time for us to ponder where is our country leading to.

A time has come where the victims are saying if they do not get justice they along with their family members will commit suicide in the police station .

This is indeed a wakeup call to the government and the administration to do they duties on time.

Hence National Women’s Front urges that the laws to be made more stringent just not for the sake of it but to put it in force for such heinous crimes.

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