National Women’s Front president A.S.Zainaba in a statement called for urgent measures to protect women from acid attacks in specific for the women who was attacked by two unidentified assailants in her hostel in Lucknow, Aligang Area.

Zainaba condemned the acid attack on a woman who is a survivor of gang rape and acid attacks. It is shocking that reportedly this is the fifth time she is being attacked. It is an utter shame for a democratic and civilized society like ours to come across such incidents.

Moreover it is also very unfortunate that these attacks are still not viewed a problem by the patriarchal society. We have a section of our society that perceives women who stand up for themselves a threat and take revenge on them for doing so.
There is a situation in our country that these criminals can always get away with their crimes if the victims are women, more so when women are from marginalized sections.
The repeated occurrence of such crimes shows the cold response from the authorities is an encouragement to these criminals.

We demand speedy justice for the victim of this attack. Send the culprits behind bars on non-bailable charges and create a safe atmosphere for women in the country

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